How much does an iPhone 10 cost? You will be surprised to know
Apple's phone that came to the latest market is the iPhone 10 All Apple's devices are priced much higher than other bands. Yet people are interested in Apple products. The latest version of the iPhone 10 of Bangladesh market is worth more than Taka.

IPhone 10's 64 GB variant costs $ 999, and the price of 256 GB is worth 1149 dollars.

How much Apple's cost to make such a expensive smartphone, the question can arise.

Research firm Tecansites said they have got an idea of ​​the cost of its production by examining all the components of the iPhone 10.

And quoting them, Reuters writes, Apple's minimum cost was $ 357.50 for every 10 devices. This is the 64 GB version of iPhone 10, whose sales price is $ 999. Apple's Gross Profit Margin is 64 percent here. On the other hand, the gross profit margin in the case of iPhone 8 is 59 percent, Reuters reported.

However, Apple has been saying that they are also experiencing experiences with the device, whose total price is more than just the device.
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