It can be 3 liters of water per day!
Water has saved us. Apart from food we can survive for a few days. But without water, it is not possible at all. So doctors are recommending three to four liters of water every day. Because if this does not happen, then gradually decreases the body's mobility, due to which the head raises various problems. Such as ...

1. There is a danger of being infected with constipation: In
some case studies, if there is no adequate amount of water on the regular basis, there is a gradual change in the inside of the body, which can lead to diseases like constipation. In fact, drinking enough water gets the chance to get out of the body from the digestive system properly. As a result, due to increased ribbons, there is no chance of confronting the disease like the constipation.

2. Tiredness:
nowadays you are tired or tired? So once you see if you are drinking water properly. Because the body's water requirements do not minimize the performance of cells. As a result, the natural mobility decreases naturally. In fact, another incident occurs when the water is low, due to which fatigue increases further. Several studies have shown that the body has to work more slowly if there is a shortage of water inside the body. Because if you do not do that, the everyday work of the body is not the right thing to do. Due to more work, naturally the body becomes weak. Tiredness increases with that

3. Decrease the beauty of the skin:
Low-calorie intake of toxic ingredients in the skin while eating water does not get the chance of getting out. As a result, the health of the skin naturally started to deteriorate. As well as due to the lack of water, collagen levels are gradually reduced, as the elastic tissues continue to break out due to continuous breakdown of water. And just as all of you know that the billiards appear as much as possible, the skin becomes more and more intense. So do not forget to drink enough water to keep the skin beautiful and prolonged!

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4. Brain power decreases severely:
80 percent of the human brain is made of water. So if you can not eat 2-3 liters of water a day, but the danger is not bad! Because in that case, gradual decline of cognitive starts, due to which the retention of memory is very low. At the same time intelligence and meditation ability decreases. So if you want to keep your brain active for a long time, do not forget to drink just the right amount of water!

5. An increase in the risk of injury:
Several years of research has shown that decrease in mobility of the joints due to lack of water in certain quantities, as well as decreasing the performance of various organs, reduces overall body movement. As a result, the risk of injury to the naturally increases. In fact, the water works very well on the lubricants, which maintain the performance of the joint. So, when the water in the interior enters the water, naturally changes in the joints movements start to change.
6. Weight loss process stops:
Are you determined to reduce weight in the new year? If not, do not drink a little amount of water! In fact, stomach is full of a lot of water if you drink water in the right amount. As a result, the desire to eat chips or those grill grows repeatedly goes away. Also, due to decreased fluid retention in the body, the risk of weight gain is not enough.

7. The risk of muscle cramps increased:
everything was going well. Suddenly there was a tension in the leg muscles that the stomach was broken. The situation is often due to us being the victims. And why is this known? Several studies have found that the amount of sodium and potassium in the body can worsen if certain amount of water is not found. That is why the risk of such cramps increases.
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