Do you make this mistake while doing diet?
GoTipsBD Lifestyle Desk: If the look is not fitting, then somewhere a dilemma is created. Going to the side of friends, how to feel like wearing fashionable clothes. And so, in the face of this, a little more careful about the appearance of many people. Those who did not think anything about the look, they started to diet. And for the first time they did a few mistakes in their own interest.

The food that is not consumed by
the food that you do not eat for so long, is now very much like that food. If you do not like it, but eat it. Forcing a little. In this way, there will be no benefit by hurting the mind. Because if the mind is not good then no work is right. So eat food to keep the mind first. If you do not get diet, you will not get results. Diet. But, eat one of your favorite foods at least once a week. You can also see the diet properly.

Eat less than the quantity of
your body, do not eat less amount of food than it needs for your body. Many of these mistakes are made. Because everyone's body type is not the same. Before making a consultation with the doctor, he prepared a diet plan for himself. That's not right. Consult your doctor first, because of the need for anything in your body.

Suddenly, food control had eaten
many food a few days ago. But, suddenly it is not right to reduce food now. There is a lot of problems in the body if you reduce one by one. Can be up to gastric. So gradually reduce the amount of eating.

It is not right to eat more fruits, drink more than water, and drink water. Due to excessive consumption of these foods, problems may arise in the body. There may be heart problems too many times. So do not eat too much because I have eaten a little.
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