Which study says, 35 years later why marriage is absurd?
Study-eating-sleep Routine life There is no quarrel in this life, there is no pull back. Thus, peace and happiness cut down to 35 years. At the time of marriage not only came to mind But then? Researchers answered. They say, if you are singled out without marrying in 35 years, then you fall in love with loneliness. So do not let your head get married at the same time.
Recently a new study found that many women and men of 35-40 years have admitted that they almost lost interest in marriage.

Researchers say that the change is actually here. Today, women give priority to marriage as second. Now they first prefer education and careers. Many women think again, the whole people think that they do not really need men.

Again psychologists say that if people are in a certain comfort level then they do not want to move forward from it. It may also be the reason for losing interest in marriage. In this case, they identified some factors as a factor of losing interest in marriage after 35 years.

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Any relationship comes with many restrictions. These things blinded a person. When you have lived without any restrictions for 35 years, why would you suddenly be ready to get married? The question is here.
There is no pressure or any burden in unmarried life. Marriage though gives joy first. But after the pressure, burden and various ups and downs about it comes. So after spending 35 years in happiness, who wants to sacrifice life?
Many feel more relaxed in unmarried life. Because there is no barrier at any time. You can do whatever you want, wherever you can go. If you feel left out of your job, you still have no problem. But before you get married you have to think at least 10 times.
If you are single, you can focus more on your work. At this time, your hard work will reach you with the desired goal. But if you get married, you can not match it while working on your own. Many people do not show interest to marry after 35 years of this fear.
If you are single for a long time, you will never want to be interested in living life after marriage.
If you live happily and peacefully for 35 years, then you will not like others lifestyle. Seeing a couple in a quarrel, in particular, if you spend life in despair or cheating on someone, you will lose the desire to get married.
You can go with anybody you want at any time in a single life. That's why 35 years later, a large part of the urban people tried to be single.
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