Domestic way to get rid of painful facial pain in 4 ways?
Small grains in the mouth. If you eat a meal, then the pain increases. It seems, it's hard to get any disease. In fact, if the membrane cover of the face is damaged for any reason, then there will be small bites like small grains on the face. In most cases, they are cured. But if it is repeatedly in the face and if it does not, it should definitely be a doctor. During the change of weather, many people have ulcer or injury. Sometimes inside the cheek, sometimes at the bottom of the stomach, sometimes inside the inner lip. The victim knows only, the ulcer's scolding. Eating food is a distant, sometimes water consumed.

The release of 'Mukal Asan' is available at your fingertips. Below are four domestic totakas

Fate: You can use the fatness near the hand to get rid of ulcer. Soak a piece of ginger in a clean water and rub it in the place of ulcer. If you use alcohol in a couple of days, you will get assured benefits.

Baking soda: Baking soda is very good for the treatment of facial ulcers. Mix well in a glass of light hot water by mixing the baking soda together. A few times a day, you will get rid of ulcer.

T bag: Tea bags are very effective medicines in the mouth. Tannic acid of tea leaves is released from the pain of ulcers. After making tea, do not leave the T-bag, heat hot bite in the place of the tea. Get relief.

T tree oil: You will be receiving tree oil in any of the drug stores. T-tree oil is also good for the treatment of facial ulcers. Mix 10% of tree oil with 90% of a vessel. Do this by mixing this mixture twice. You will find comfort. It will not hurt

What to do

Drink plenty of water.

Repeat the salt with water.

Medicated mouthwash or antiseptic gel can be used.

It must be cleaned by scaling it in the pack.

Other long-term diseases including diabetes have to be properly treated or controlled.

Avoid the shortness of anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, mouth deficiency, mental unrest, etc. of Vitamin B.

Take regular nutritional food.

Quit smoking habits, eating habits with junk etc.

Use medicines at the doctor's advice if needed.
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